Japanese Sex Dictionary

Aka-chan pure: (“baby play”) ….for some reason, ‘aka-chan’ is the default name of any baby whose name you haven’t learned yet. Supposedly, this fetish originated thusly: Stressed out businessmen like to relieve some of their tension by going back to the ‘baby days’ when they had no responsibility and could depend on Mommy to take care of everything, soggy diapers and all. I have no idea if this is true!!!
AIBO: the famous japanese Robot Dog (http://www.sony.jp/products/Consumer/aibo/products/ers7.html) that is your friend. Why is ‘aibo’ in this dictionary? because there is a video of a Foot Fetish (http://www.fetish-world.jp/english/home.html) AV star crushing an Aibo. It is no joke.
ANARU: [a-na’-ru] This came from English adjective “anal” but in this case, it is used as a noun meaning “anal intercourse” or “anus” itself.
ANARU-ZUKI: [a-na’-ru-zu-ki] The suffix “***-zuki” simply means “people who like ***.” In this case “ANARU” means getting stimulated in and around the anal area. Not “having an anal intercourse.” =ANARISTO
ANARU-FAKKA: [a-na-ru fa’-kka] This also is the one that does not mean what it sounds like in English. This means “women who accept anal intercourse.” Not “people who enjoy anal intercourse.”
Ashikoki (足扱き) (footjob): using the feet to manipulate a sex partner’s penis. The feet are often clad in pantyhose, cotton socks or even high heels. The pleasure is said to be as much psychological as physical.
AV: (possibly from “adult video”?). The Japanese pornography industry. As in, “robot crocodiles are the next big thing for AV!” or, “She’s quite hairy for an AV idol.”

Baacharu deito: (“virtual date”) a fairly new trend, the ‘virtual date’ video is meant for the more romantic masturbator. Shot from the point of view of the boyfriend, the AV actress takes him on a ‘date’ — they might go to dinner or a video game parlor, as she talks about her ‘real life’. Then they go to a love hotel and whatever.
BODICON: (“body conscious”) a precursor to the kogal trend. around 1993, very mainstream, normal japanese office ladies started getting super into aerobics. then they’d go to nightclubs in total prostitute drag to show off their new, aerobicized bodies. Thigh high boots and comically short miniskirts WITH SHOULDERPADS. Another one of those weird, ‘women doing something outrageous just to show off to other women, but of course men quickly become obsessed with it and turn it into porn’ – type moments that seems to occur regularly only in Japan.
Body reconstruction: this is a subgenre of ‘mutant love’ manga. artists will draw women’s bodies, limbs amputated, turned into everyday objects. tables, urinals, that sort of thing. This fetish was inspired by the famous post-WWII novel “kachikunin yapuu.” (the HUMAN CATTLE) Written after the defeat of Japan by America, this sci-fi-meets-marquis-de-sade distopia depicts a world where white people have conquered everyone else. Having finished the job of world domination, the whites spend their leisure time modifying the bodies of their colored servants.
Broken Dolls: This is a sub-genre of the popular ‘medical fetish’: young girls in hospital beds, covered in casts, splints, gauze, and fake ‘bruises.’ Oh, and you can see their panties. It was started by a Frenchman named Romain Slocombe, but he would only use Japanese models, so how could the Japanese NOT incorporate Broken Dolls into the native porn? http://www.experimental.com/slocombe/
Bukkake (打っ掛け, ブッカケ): usually in group sex, ejaculating onto the body or face of a sex partner. The United States Department of Justice has defined Bukkake in a criminal complaint as: a genre of adult movies that includes depictions of many adult males ejaculating on a single female.
BURUSERA: [bu-ru’-se-ra] Abbreviation for “Buruma (knickerbockers.)” and “Sera-fuku (sailor suits.)” This is a word for “Joshikosei (high school girl) fetish.”(http://burusera.jp/)

Cat-slapping: (also a loan word) a new video from the company Soft On Demand features an AV actress just walking up to random women on the street and smacking them in the face. is this even pornography?
CHIJO: [chi’-jo] A female “chikan (sexual molester.)
Chikan (痴漢): molester; Chikankoui (痴漢行為): public groping
CHINKO: [chi’n-ko] “Dick.” Penis. “Chin Chin (winkie.)” “Musuko (son.)” “Segare (son.)” “Chinpoko.” Women tend to use “O Chin Chin” to make it sound cute and polite.
Chin chin kenkyu: (literally “study of the penis”). Chin-chin is a cute, childish term for penis. In chin-chin-kenkyu videos, average women on the street are given a lecture about the penis by some porno actors. The ‘professional’ will measure the penis, and describe how to make it stand up. there’s lots of reaction shots of the embarrassed average women. it’s kind of Benny Hill.
Cosplay, Kosupure (コスプレ): Costume Play
CRUSH: the ‘crush fetish’ was invented in America. women would crush insects or worms with their feet, or high heeled shoes. Japanese men love their crush videos, but are not at all grateful to their american forebears, as they demonstrate by masturbating to this video: A WOMAN CRUSHING A TINY MODEL OF THE WHITE HOUSE AND CAPITOL HILL with her huge stinky feet. also see ASHI FETCHI.

DACCHI-WAIFU: [da-chi’-wai-fu] “Dutch Wife.” The best way to find a good one is to choose the one that fits you most. The price range is wide from cheap plastic ones to 300,000yen-deluxe to silicon-made 750,000yen ones.
debusen (“the man who can only love fat women”) . . . the japanese version of the ‘plumper fetish.’ oops, i almost typed ‘plumber fetish.’ well, I’m sure that’s out there too, but you’ll have to wait for the next update for that. Somewhere between the masochist and the adult baby is the world of the debusen. . .whose greatest thrill is being crushed into the crotch of a large woman. this is called . ganmen kijou., or ‘ face sitting.’
deep kiss – an influential series of AVs. they went up to random women on the street and asked them to kiss each other. The authenticity, embarrassment, and ‘first lesbian kiss’ aspects made this series very successful. This is part of a larger trend: the ‘i can’t believe what these average, everyday women will do when you point the camera at them’ theme of Japanese porn. see also CAT SLAP and PANCHIRA.
Dekapai: …or “big tits” to you and I, dekapai (デカパイ) are the stuff of otaku dreams. While anime has transformed them into a proud art form, scientifically impossible breasts aren’t merely the stuff of fantasy. Leading dekapai idols include the otherwise miniscule Megumi and the no-holes-barred Anna Ohura, both of whom will retire comfortably on their “natural” assets.
Digimo: (“digital mosaic”) Japanese porn is famous for having big fat pixels over the naughty bits. But digimo is a new innovation from the pornographers at a company named S.O.D.: very TINY pixels over the naughty bits. some famous old videos are now being rereleased with digimo.
DOLLS: see ningyou

Ecchi (エッチ): a wasei-eigo of the English letter H used as abbreviation for “hentai” (perversion), to mean “naughty” or “dirty”, as in “H anime”, (pornographic anime) “H game” (pornographic computer games) or “H suru” (meaning “to have sex”). Through the popularity of anime, this meaning has become known to fans in the west. H is normally pronounced as “eichi” in Japanese, but when used with these sexual connotations, it is often pronounced as “etchi”. It is sometimes used by English speakers to refer to anime or manga containing sexually suggestive content (such as skimpy clothing, partial or full nudity).
Enjo kosai (援助交際): compensated dating (lit: assisted company), usually a euphemism for teen prostitution.
Eropuri: (ero ‘erotic’ + puri ‘print’) I’m sure you’ve heard about the Purikura (“Print club”) machines in arcades. since the machines are semi-private, people will make do-it-yourself nude or porn pictures with them. Like Yaoi, this is not for guys. it’s just teenage girls taking nekkid pictures of each other as a way of female bonding. like, ‘i trust you enough to let you see me naked, plus we’ve done everything else you can do in a purikura booth and are 15 and looking for new kicks.’
enjo kosai: (‘compensated date’) — please see the MIZU SHOBAI DICTIONARY

Fashion Health: Another oddly misleading phrase that has little to do with its subject. A Fashion Health Massage (ファッションヘルスマッサージ) takes place in a brothel, rather than a gym, and involves everything the male mind could wish for, short of actual intercourse. Apparently.
Fetchi: (‘fetish’) . Although theoretically EVERYTHING in this dictionary is a fetish, you’ll usually hear ‘fetchi’ being used to describe a body part. like ashi fetchi (foot or leg fetish), waki no shita fetchi (armpit fetish), etc. here’s a fun game: go to GOOGLE and type in a body part + fetish. see what country the resulting websites are from. see also MIMI FETCHI.
FUDORU: [fu’-doru] Abbreviation for “Fuzoku Idol.” Top class female workers in this industry.
fundoshi: (???) the erotic version of sumo wrestling. Women wearing the traditional Sumo’s g-string roll around and give each other really harsh wedgies. also see CATFIGHT.
Futanari (二形、ふたなり): Hermaphrodites (lit: “double form”)
Fuzoku (風俗): A word which originally just meant “culture”, it now also refers to “sexual culture” and specifically to soaplands, image clubs, pink salons and so on. Because Japan has been very strict about prostitution, they invented zillions of different services to satisfy men’s dirty desire.

GAMAN KAO: (“patience face”) – I’m sure you’ve heard your friends say, at one time or another, “dude, what if they just made sex-face porn?” …. well, it’s here, it’s Japanese, and it’s called ….. get ready….. PATIENCE FACE. PATIENCE FACE is like a ‘reverse gloryhole’ video. The sex takes place behind a wall, and only the woman’s head sticks out of the hole. So you get an entire tape of nothing but sex-facial expressions. the only weird thing about it is, even though they are only showing the lady’s face, they chose an actress who looks like a Japanese Peggy Hill.
GANMEN KOOGEKI: (ganmen ‘face’ + koogeki ‘attack’) – seen in catfighting and s/m play. . . a ‘face attack’ involves the sadist smooshing the cheeks or hooking their fingers in the nostrils of the masochist, to give her a ‘pig nose’. . . or other, more creative ways to deform the woman’s face. The point of ‘face attack’ is to make a beautiful woman ashamed, by making her face look ugly.
Gansha:(from ganmen ‘face’ + sha ‘shoot’) ejaculating on someone’s face
GIANTESSES: hi-tech — OK, first of all are two video companies: LOVE AND BOOTS, and FOOT-CRUSH.COM. aside from having very satisfying names, they are taking crush fetishism into the 21st century, with globally proactive technology solutions for . … sorry, i turned into Mindy from the Simpsons for a second there. what i meant to say is, they have a high-tech new twist on ‘giantess’ videos: instead of stepping on toys cars , etc, . . the ‘giant’ women are stepping on TINY little live-action guys superimposed by special effects.
Gokkun (ゴックン): A Japanese onomatope for swallowing. Gokkun movies usually feature a girl who after performing oral sex to one or several men plays with the spent sperm before swallowing it; these girls are called Gokkun Girls.
Goukan pure: (“rape play”) the most famous exmple of this is stalker – the name of a popular magazine which is exactly what the title says. photos of a woman going to work, coming home, photos through her window, and THEN photos of goukan pure. unlike the hidden-camera porno, this is NOT real (hence the ‘pure’): it’s some paid AV actress playing the part of an average office worker. in fact, goukan is considered ‘normal’ enough that famous AV actresses will do rape scenes. Along with bukkake, cosplay, and yuri, it’s part of the standard repitoire of many popular mainstream idols. And let’s not forget the ‘KARATE GIRLS VS. RAPE TEAM’ videos:
Gravure idol (グラビア・アイドル, gurabia aidoru?): Japanese models who often pose in bikinis and other provocative clothing for photo spreads in magazines aimed largely at men.

H-games: (hentai games)- also called ‘love-sim’ games or ‘erogamu’. Interactive, animated games you play on your computer. For those familliar with the wacky world of Dungeons and Dragons, the H-hames are like a ‘choose your own x-rated adventure’. interestingly, this is one trend that started out as hentai,and then gradually went mainstream! now you can find dozens of perfectly innocent (if by ‘innocent’ you mean ‘filled with violence and hitting’) interactive anime games in all genres.
HA DAISUKI: (“tooth love”) – is this amazing series of mouth fetish videos from ‘fetish factory.’ no sex, no nudity, nothing but eating, toothbrushing, and up close dental exams!
Hadaka (裸): is the Japanese word for nude. It commonly refers to various fetishes in anime, manga, and Japanese culture for models are naked except for a single item, including aprons, socks, or ribbons.
Hair nude: porn where the pubic hair isn’t censored
haircut fetish: put out by a company called ‘cutiestyle,’ these videos feature fully clothed women with long hair, getting a haircut. not even, like, some crazy s/m haircut. just a regular haircut with lots of closeups. their website has lots of free pictures of long hair, but you have to pay to see the cutting.
HAMMOCK fetish: not kidding. a fairly esoteric form of s/m play where a man keeps a woman captive in a seimitransparent hammock suspended from the ceiling. Actually it is more like a Sex Coccoon. When he wants sex, he just cuts a hole in the hammock and goes at it. At all the times the woman is effectively faceless and limbless.
HATTENBA [ha-te’n-ba]: “Hatten” is “to develop.” “Ba” means “a place.” This word is for a public place where gay people gather for one night stand: some parks, some sauna places. There are certain kinds of places like this where you have to pay some fee to get in.
Hentai (変態): literally, “depraved” or “abnormal”; typically used (outside of Japan) to refer to pornography in anime or manga. People who have strange proclivities. Sex perverts.
Hitozuma: (zuma ‘wife’ + hito (which means ‘person’ but in this context means ‘someone’, as in ‘someone’s wife’)) married woman. (hint: her husband is NOT the guy she’s with in the video. Thus the appeal)
Hounyo: (“urination”) A regular part of S/M play everywhere, hounyo falls mainly into two genres in Japan. gamen hounyo is ‘face pissing’, and yagai hounyo is ‘outdoor pissing’. Like the best graffitti, the object is to do it in the most public, daring place you can, without getting caught. also see yagai.

IKU: (“I’m coming!”) a popular thing to say when you’re pretending to have an orgasm on screen. Iku is also funny because it comes from the Japanese verb “ikimasu” which means “to go”. .. so literally they’re saying “I”m going! I’M GOING!”
ice cream girls: a handy way for pornographers to approach underaged girls on the street and then legally get them in the magazine: hand them an ice cream cone, (or lolipop, etc) and ask them to eat it while the camera rolls. It’s also much easier to talk an adult woman into being an ‘ice cream model’ , than to talk her into doing naked stuff. this is a great example of the ‘let’s-see-how-far-we-can-go-with-this-average-woman-in-the-street’ school of Japanese porn.
Image club (imaju kurabu): a type of brothel in which females dress in various types of clothing (race queen dresses, schoolgirl uniforms, etc.) and perform sexual favors according to several different fixed courses or “menus”—see Cosplay.
IME-KURA-SAKKA [ime’-kura-sa’kka]: This is a abbreviation for “Image Kurabu Sakka.” Originally there is a word “Ime-kura”(“Image Club”) for a place where you can play a certain role with a woman (women) to have sexual pleasure in a certain kind of story. “Kurabu” is a word for “club.” “Sakka” means “a writer.” “Ime-kura-sakka” means a customer who brings their own story to play with women in places such as IME-KURA. However, this kind of act is not very much appreciated because we usually are supposed to chose a story IME-KURA places offer
Ingo: (in ‘bad or low’ + go ‘language’) talking dirty
IRYOU fetchi: (‘medical fetish’). this kind of role play encompasses a very wide array of activities. from kangofuu seifuku pure (nurse uniform play) to enemas, needle injections, gynecological stirrups, catheters, and god only knows what else. see also BROKEN DOLLS.

Japasen: Sorry, dudes, you’ve been rumbled. For those believing that all you have to do is flex and they’ll come running, japasen (ジャパセン) is the reviled trough into which you have fallen. A code word for foreign men who prey on Japanese flesh, memorizing it may save you several months of bewildered celibacy. Thank God for Japanzine!
jibun no eroshashin — (jibun = ‘by yourself’ + eroshashin = ‘erotic picture’) yet another way for canny pornographers to talk the average woman into posing. If she’s too shy to pose for a photographer, why doesn’t she just borrow this polaroid camera? or this Sony digital handycam? she can take pictures of herself in the privacy of her own bedroom, and bring the camera back the following week. She gets the money, the magazine gets the pictures, and she can pretend it never happened, kind of. because of the overwhelming need for new disembodied, faceless vaginas, this has become a common feature in many magazines.
Jukujo: (‘mature women’)

Kabukicho: Named after a Kabuki theater that never was, Kabukicho (歌舞伎町) is synonymous with all things grimy. Think seedy cinemas, think yazuka, think Kabukicho. For further info, see the article Floating World on page …
Kai-awase: (literally, “putting the clams together”). A subgenre of lesbian porn, where women smoosh their coochies together. In America we call this Tribadism. In fact, there’s a popular lesbian rock band called TRIBE 8, who are probably reading this right now.
Kamera kozou: (‘camera boy’) – an amateur cameraman, desperately trying to make a living selling freelance pictures to magazines. . .many of the more hard-up kamerakozous wind up lurking around television stations, football games, or high schools, hoping to get a picture of a famous idol’s underwear, or failing that, her cleavage, or , failing that, her armpit. this isn’t ‘hidden camera’ work, for the most part. it’s just a matter of showing up at a public event and catching a minor celbrity (or cheerleader) (or race queen) in an embarrassing pose. these pictures are then sold to magazines like BUBKE or BANDIT, whose content is like 95% these immature dorky photos.
KARATE GIRLS VS. RAPE TEAM: a really really wrong series of videos from the Soft On Demand company. Like practically everything else here, i’ve never seen it. but here’s a description from the website NANPA’S PLACE:
kaomoji fetchi –also called eromonaa. . . (“ascii art fetish”). another example of a ‘normal’ Japanese subculture spontaneously developing an ‘abnormal’ porno- Bizarro-World version. Kaomoji is japanese for ASCII art: this means drawing pictures on your computer, using only letters and numbers, instead of, say, ‘macpaint’ or ‘photoshop.’ as if this isn’t nerdy enough, there is a whole parallel universe of EROMONAA: popular kaomoji characters like Monaa having sex with each other. at first it’s just a novelty, a laugh. . . and then they are hooked, there is no hope for them. the most otaku of the otaku.
Karada (“body”): A bondage technique involving the tying of an intricate structure of rope around the body in a complex web-like fashion, used in Shibari.
Keisoku fetchi: (“measurement fetish”)… a big difference between Japan’s AV and rest-of-the-planet-type porn is the systemmatic nature of AV. other countries do facials, japan has bukkake. other countries do wet-and-messy, japan does nuri. combine this with the otaku’s natural love of data-for-the-sake-of-data (their favorite idol’s blood type, birth hour, etc.) and you’ll inevitably wind up with KEISOKU fetshi.
KEMEKO [ke-me’-ko]: “Hairy pussy.” “ke” is “hair” in Japanese.
Ketai ero saito: (ketai = ‘mobile phone’, + ero = ‘erotic’ + saito = ‘website’) this is probably the most quintissentially Japanese thing on this entire dictionary: as soon as the Japanese cell phones became sophisticated enough to use the internet (about 3-4 years ago), web pornographers lost no time in setting up ‘ketai only’ versions of their ‘normal’ websites, modified to fit the small screen and simpler protocols of the new ‘ketai networks.’ there’s now whole magazines devoted to reviewing the best ketai ero saitos, as well as other magazines claiming to have ‘cheat codes’ to access pay sites for free from your phone. no one on the subway has to know what you’re looking at. . . .
Kinbaku: (kin ‘tense or hard’,+ baku ‘tie up or bind’) traditional Japanese rope bondage.
KINTAMA [ki’n-ta’ma]: Testicles. “Balls.” Literally this means “golden ball.” =”Kyan-tama” “Tama Tama”
KITANAI KUTZUSHITA FETCHI: (“dirty under-the-shoes fetish”) The ‘dirty socks’ guys like to watch a young lady take off her shoes. Often she’s wearing the World Famous Schoolgirl Loose Socks. then she walks, in her socks, in the mud. Cut to the money shot: the young lady thrusting her muddy feet directly into the camera. Now that’s good perversion!
Kogal: (from “ko” meaning very young or immature, and ‘gal’ which is Engrish for ‘girl’) a girls’ youth subculture that started around 1995-97. although most kogals aren’t hookers, their general sexiness has made them popular characters in AV. See also ‘enjo kosai’ and ‘lolicon’.
Koonago: (???) the fetish of miniaturized women – sometimes including eating, digesting, and shitting them out.
KONKURU: (‘contest’) sexual contests combine two very common AV themes: humor, and a very systematic, well-dillineated approach to sex. A contest might be ‘see how many men you can bring to orgasm in five minutes’ or it might be ‘see how long this man can control himself while four women are trying to make love to him.’ or it might be the old standby, ‘whoever comes first loses.’ In one instance the contest was, ‘can a woman live for a week on a diet of only semen?’ see also SEX BATTLE
KOSUPURE [ko-su’-pu-re’]: Costume play. To have women play certain kind of role and also to play a role yourself. See IME-KURA-SAKKA.
kuikomi: (like ‘bukkake’, this is a perfectly g-rated verb used in a nasty context. it means ‘to dent’) giving a lady a wedgie with her panties and sort of ‘flossing’ her with it.
KUN-NI [ku’n-ni]: Cunnilingus. To caress a female sex organ with tongue and lips.
kusuko: ( ???!). The vaginal speculum is a medical device used by a gynecologist to look inside the vagina. Also, it looks like a duck. Compared to other countries, Japanese porn has a lot of speculum play. I think it ties in to the ‘measuring’ fetish somehow. It’s common even outside of ‘medical fetish’ or ‘nurse’ AV. A young couple will be having very vanilla foreplay, and suddenly the kusuko appears, why not? Maybe I’m gay all of a sudden, but the resulting images look like something out of HR Geiger.
kyatto faito: (“cat fight”). fights between two women make men’s heads turn in ANY country,and, thanks to the recent boom of pro wrestling, have never been more cool. but Japanese cat-fighting is so popular it has many sub-genres.

Lolicon, Rorikon (ロリコン): a fetish for underage girls.
“love-bulge” fetish: to me this looks like a spin-off of the recent RUBBING THE PUDENDA fetish. These guys like women with BIG HUGE, protruding, transvestite-looking crotch bulges. just giant, obviously fake pudenda. There’s no nudity. Actually there’s really not much more to it than that. Just dudes gawking at and prodding these big pillowy pudenda in tight shorts.
Love Dolls: It’s unsurprising that the Japanese, along with the Germans, were first to develop the sturdier big sister to the blow-up doll, but few could have foreseen the levels this study in perversion would attain. Manufacturers fight to better each other with new and sinister features, such as the Sayaka Deep Kiss model, now complete with removable, washable vagina and head.
Love-sim: see H-game

M-JO [E’mu-jo]: Masochistic woman (women.) There are two kinds. “Shinsei-M-jo”(True M: those who are actually masochistic.) and “Shokugyo-M-jo”(Business M: those who pretend to be a masochistic girl just for business) 90% of S&M club workers are “Shokugyo-M-jo”s while the 10% who tend to get serious during play.
MAGURO [ma-gu-ro’]: People who would not do nothing but lie down and make partners busy during sex. This word came from dead (usually frozen) tunas (maguro) lying on the ground at fish markets. “REITO MAGURO (frozen tuna)” is used for people who would not show any feelings or people who are frigid.
MAH JONGG: Why is the chinese game Mah Jongg in here? Because, in the Japanese version, it’s a little different. For one thing, it’s a video game now. And even though you’re playing against a machine, it’s not a sort of Deep Blue Vs. Kasparov thing . . . it’s more like Deep Throat. Because the Japanese version is STRIP MahJongg. Every time you score points, your ‘virtual opponent’ (sometimes a video of some semi-famous AV actress, sometimes an animated elf) has to take off some of her clothes.
Megane-ko: (from ‘megane’ (glasses)+ the cute suffix ‘ko’ which you normally would use when talking to adorable little kids) women with glasses are megane-kos. They’re popular characters in AV because the glasses imply that they are shy, quiet and obidient. Also when their glasses come off, suddenly they’re totally hot and sexy, but only the guy who took a chance on the nerdy girl gets to find this out. Or at least that’s the fantasy behind the Megane-ko.
Meri fetchi: (“wet fetish”) This fetish started only a couple of years ago. Some of the videos are athletic – featuring a strong and naked woman doing nothing but swimming – for thirty minutes. some tend to be more like ‘splosh’ videos or ‘wet t-shirt’ videos: some well-dressed businesswoman sitting in a bathtub. FOR THIRTY MINUTES. I’m not sure how that is sexy but it sure is creative! please, could someone send me some links to photos of this?
MINX: not a porn genre, but a Porno Star Band! in 2002, 4 sex-havers / actresses formed a ‘j-pop’ band. Apparently they all wore costumes, sang, played no instruments. According to J-list.com, this was a ‘morning musume’ spoof! I think they made a CD. This band is mostly famous because one of the singers, nozomi momoi , was grotesquely murdered by her boyfriend.
MINI MONI: popular teen-idol singing group in Japan. They’re not famous for being able to sing well. they’re famous for all being 15 years old and around three feet tall. no one knows what fraction of the pop idols’ sales come from perverts, but if the content of Tokyo’s porn stores is any indication, it’s a large fraction. ‘used porn’ stores have mini moni posters, photobooks, cds, and STUFFED PLUSH TOYS of the singers. all of this is totally ‘legit’ stuff, not intended for matrubating to. you will also find TONS of mainstream women’s fashion magazines, and shoe catalogs at these stores.
Mibojin: (“not yet dead person”) a widow. Widows show up in Japanese men’s fantasies sometimes. why? I’ll quote Nicholas Bornhoff : “even if bereaved in her prime, the mibojin tends to be left out in the cold. In the pantheon of Japanese male phantasmagoria, the widow is thus not only sex-starved and insaitable, but slightly sinister. LIke the ‘black widow’ spider, she is seen as a man-eater extrordianaire.”
mimi fetchi (mimi ‘ear’ + fetchi ‘fetish’) ear fetish.many ear fetish videos focus on women cleaning their ears with qtips. apparently the appeal of this is not just how cute the ears are, but the contrast between cute ears, and the disgusting gunk that comes out of them. plus the obvious in-and-out motions. plus the shame of the woman when she sees her own waxy buildup displayed on the q-tip. this website also has many scanned photos of celebrities’ ears, and you can vote for which one is cutest.
Mini-suka: (“miniskirt”) Miniskirt porn is one of many porn styles that follows the general theme of : Women invent sexy new fashion –> Men get turned on by sexy new fashion –> men can’t see what’s hinted at beneah the sexy new fashion, because it’s difficult to score with girls half their age–> men demand porn featuring sexy new fashions coming off. (see also cosplay, race queens, etc.),
Mizuage: As seen in Memoirs of a Geisha (100% accurate), the mizuage (水�?��?�) ceremony is the ceremonial deflowering of a maiko to the highest bidder. And curse the blighters who suggest the geisha world is related to prostitution.
Mutant love: this is a hentai manga (comic book) trend, and it’s about five years old. After bukkake and kiddie porn became too boring, some perverts started doing comics about mutants: the characters combine male and female sex organs in a random way. women with a dozen breasts, and the nipples of the breasts become erect penises, and the penises ejaculate poop! One comic features a woman who is buried under a huge pile of her own multiple breasts. she kind of oozes around like a giant amoeba, and weeps from the pain.

Nakadashi: (from naka (inside)+ dasu (to come) ) ejaculating inside a woman. i really like how the AV world is so totally perverted that doing something natural needs its own little label.
Nanpa: (“girl hunting”) the hobby of picking up women in public places: not just bars, but beaches, train stations, shopping malls, etc. While you could say that this is a hobby in EVERY country, only Japan has an entire subculture devoted to it, with its own how-to manuals, slang, and fanzines. so, what does this have to do with AV? around 1985-87, the first NANPA TOUSATSU (“hidden girl-hunting camera”) magazines and videos started appearing . Men would ‘nanpa’ some women, while secretly filming the pickup and subsequent coitus. of course this is totally illegal. see also ‘tousatsu.’
Ningyou: (DOLLS). many fans of animation like to play with dolls of their favorite characters, and some take this farther than others. People who collect small erotic dolls (or magazines like IDOLOID which feature PICTURES of naked dolls) are called NINGYOU OIKOU (“doll lovers”). other hentai prefer life-size TOUSHINDAI (“love dolls”). Far from being inflatable novelties, today’s toushindai are totally realistic mannequins with soft, firm silicone flesh and they cost around $3-5,000. You can buy them with ‘realistic’ heads or ‘anime character heads.’ for more information, go here
No-Pan-Kissa: In the mid 80s, No-Pan Kissa (ノーパン喫茶) were the discerning salaryman’s retreat of choice. Involving waitresses, short skirts, no underwear and a lot of mirrored flooring; the phenomenon went into a predictable decline once the no-touching rule was broken. All innocence lost, the establishments moved into seedier surrounds and slowly drifted into the past. Expect the same fate for maid cafes.
NOSE TORTURE: a variant of the S/M ‘ganmen koogeki’ (face attack!). . .which concentrates on the nose. in the beginning of the fetish, fingers were inserted in the nostrils and pulled upwards to give the woman a ‘pig nose.’ But recently it’s gotten much more baroque and/or painful: tiny chains and clamps, sometimes very intracately sculpted, are clamped on the woman’s nose and pulled this way and that. Sometimes in addition, her mouth is forced extremely open with a dentist’s tool. It resembles the famous scene from clockwork orange.
see also ‘ganmen koogeki’
NURI FETCHI: (“painting fetish”) The English invented “Messy Fetish”, where a stuck-up woman would be, for instance, dunked in a vat of baked beans, or have chocolate poured over her. But the J-style takes this further, with traditional Japanese formalism and thoroughness: women’s entire bodies painted with day-glo colors (or even gold paint), from head to foot. It’s as much about the process as the finished product.
nuru nuru rocshon fetchi -(lotion fetish) Many people use lubricants during sex. but the Nuru Nuru lotion is to regular lube what PINK VIBRATING EGG is to regular vibrators: the offical accessory of pornstars everwhere. it’s so popular in AV that it has aquired a fetish of its own: certain women become aroused by being covered in this clear jellylike substance. usually the man is dipping his hands in a big bucket of it and smearing it on her. Sometimes she is just hanging around all naked, and then, from the top of the screen, large stalagtites of nurunuru just start falling and splattering on her.
Nyotaimori: (Japanese: 女体盛り, “female body presentation”), often referred to as “body sushi”, is the practice of eating sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked.
North Stand Polls (Sex surprise!)
NYU HAFU [nyu’-ha-fu]: “New Half.” This word is for the English word “she male.” =Mista Redi
NUKI [nu-ki’]: This literally means “to pull off something.” In this case this is “hand job.” In massage parlors, “NUKI ARI” means there is a “hand job” involved. “NUKI NASHI” is “NO HANDJOB.”

Obaasan – -(“auntie”) another AV character, combining ‘mature woman’ and ‘incest’ themes. see Jukujo

OKAMA [o-ka-ma’]: Gay. This came from a Sanskrit word “karma.” This term “okama” is supposed to be one of the derogatory words. The word “gei(gay)” seems to be used by many people. Usually “okama” means “pot (especially the one to cook rice with)”
OKOGE [o-ko’-ge]: Girls who like to hang out with gay boys. “Okoge” originally means the burnt rice left in the pot (“okama.”)
OL: (“office lady”), a popular character in AV.
OMANKO [o-ma’n-ko]: Female sex organ. “Pussy.” The use of this word is seriously prohibited on TV, radio and any other kind of media. This is supposed to be like F-word in English. Sometimes it means “to have sex.” This word varies in different places. In Osaka, they call it “Omeko.” In Kyushu, it’s “Bobo.” There are more than twenty different words used in Japan.
Omorashi (オモラシ): a fetish subculture in which participants experience arousal from having a full bladder or a sexual attraction to someone else experiencing the discomfort of a full bladder.
ONANI [o’-na-ni:]: Masturbation. The word “Onani” came from “Onan” in Genesis of Old Testament who “spilt his seed on the ground” instead of producing a child for his dead brother’s wife. =”Shuin” “ji-i”
ONANI GOODS [o-na-ni’: gu’-zzu]: Masturbation appliance. Sex toys. Today there are many different kinds with high technology available. “Only for women” sex shops have opened recently.
Onee-san: (“big sister”). Another popular character, especially in ‘incest’ videos.
Onsen Geisha: Again, not quite the thriving workforce they once were, Onsen Geisha (温泉芸者) preceded soapland workers by a few decades, performing services that few governments would shop as a tourist attraction
OSHIRI: (“butt”). it’s no secret that Japanese women are less likely to have large boobies and large butts than their American counterparts. And so every time a new ‘busty’ AV idol debuts, the Japanese guys go NUTS! “waaaa! she’s one in a million!! what are the odds of anyone having such large boobies??” what’s weird is, when someone debuts with an equally rare, one-in-a-million big butt, these same Japanese guys are like, “yeah, whatever.” this is the dirty secret of Japanese AV. but for the small crowd of men who enjoy the plumper OSHIRI, there are videos of WOMEN CRUSHING MELONS BY SITTING ON THEM.
OSHOUJI: Calligraphy fetish!! this dates back to the Edo period of feudal Japan. Like the other Edo sexy things, (shunga) oshouji is considered both ‘traditional’ and ‘rich and decadent.’ I notice i’ve totally forgotten to actually say what it is. Sorry. Oshouji is when you paint degrading words on your partner’s body. It’s not a fetish in the sense that the painted person becomes aroused by the paint.. . . it’s more about the thrill of degrading someone.

panchira(パンチラ): upskirts or panty viewing. According to sociologist Soichi Inoue, the interest dates back to the 1920s when Japanese women first adopted western-style undergarments, but “panchira culture” became more overt in the 1960s.
Pantera: embarrassing metal band who may or may not wear panties.
Paizuri: (from oppai (breast) + zuri (rubbing or masturbating)) having sex with a woman’s breasts.
Peni-band: (“penis band”) strap on dildo. This is one of those ‘engrish’ words like ‘biggu Makku’ that the japanese have appropriated from a foreign language.
Pink salon (ピンクサロン, pinkusaron?), or pinsaro (ピンサロ, pinsaro?): A type of brothel specializing in oral sex. It has been reported that pink salons are among the most demanding places to work in the Japanese sex industry, with workers serving up to 50 customers per day, but the pink salons also function as gateways to more lucrative work in soaplands.
POLYGONS: sexiness of: a few years ago, the company EANTS made history by releasing the first POLYGON 3D CG sex game. this means the animation is like ‘streetfighter’ style instead of the traditional ‘flat naked anime elf’ style. this also means there are now VIRTUAL PORN STARS. the newest game is called THE ACROBATICS SEX, where the player tries to maneuver the game’s hero (an older man, wearing only black socks and a ‘combover’ haircut) as he jumps off a tree like tarzan, does a 360 degree spin, and attempts to land inside a vagina.
POWER RANGERS: x-rated. i don’t really know what else to say. they have sex now.
Prostitution: The Anti-Prostitution Law of 1956 brought the glory years to an end, though various loopholes have been adequately exploited since. Essentially, it’s just coitus that is illegal in Japan, so if you’ve been indulging in anything else, you’re absolutely onside. Go you!
PURE: [pu-re’]”Play.” To have sex.

Race queen: Like so many things in AV, Race Queens started out as non-porn and then guys got so turned on by them that they demanded a porno version, and now the porno version is so popular, people tend to forget the PG version! But ‘real’ race queens don’t get naked. They put on a very distinct kind of minskirt and pose with racing cars at car shows.
Rashomon hospital: again i’ll quote the big perv from the adult video site ‘Nanpa’s Place’ : “This DVD features scenes from every day life in a hospital and by clicking on the gangle button on your DVD remote the exact same scene continues without the nurse’s uniforms. Click again and even their underwear vanishes. Please note: the ladies in the video seem not to notice their nudity.” the gag here is that RASHOMON is a famous Japanese movie featuring different points of view of the sam scene.
remote control vibrator 24 hour: another one of these ‘candid camera/ fear factor’-type game show pornos. a regular woman goes through a regular day, but. . . .she has a powerful vibrator stuck in her underpants. This vibrator is remote-controlled by an unscrupulous pornographer lurking nearby. He triggers it in very public or embarassing situations and the woman has to try to act normal.
RORI RORI [ro-ri-ro-ri]: “Loli Loli.” From the word “lolita complex.” This word is mimicking the way young Japanese girls talk. They tend to shorten certain words and say it twice.
Roshutsu: Apparently common practice in the adult film industry, roshutsu (露出) involves the revealing of the body outdoors, often in public places. Not a craze that seems to have spread to everyday society. More’s the pity.
Rubbing the pudenda fetish: i think maybe the G-TASTE leg-fetish comic started this trend. women that are so oversexed that they supposedly start rubbing their crotch against waist-high inanimate objects — desk corners, short fenceposts, stair railings. these objects are always in a public place. usually it’s a video. but whenever it’s a comic book, the women are drawn with these huge, oversized, testicular labia!

San-P: San P (3P) is the involvement of three practitioners in one practice. In other words, a threesome. Can’t imagine Dr. Johnson had this much fun researching his dictionary.
Seifuku: ( ‘sei’ means organized or regulated + ‘fuku’ means clothes. ) This means ANY uniform. The most popular uniform in AV is . .. duh. . . .the japanese girls’ high school uniform, If you’re sexually normal, you will only have seen this uniform on the cartoon “sailor moon”
SEI-SUI [se’i-sui]: “Holy water.” In this case it means “urine (of young women.)” At S&M clubs, this means the one of dominatrix’. Generally this does not include one of women who are middle age or older
Seme (攻め): top.
Sekkusu batoru: (“Sex battle”) yet another version of the catfight, except that sex battles come in both male-female, and female-female forms. usually staged with American-style WWE costumes and trash talking. . . the ‘fighters’ grapple and wrestle but ultimately wind up having sex. But even the sex features the figthers’ patented ‘special moves’ or ‘techniques’ to ensure victory. Whoever comes first is the loser. see also CATFIGHT
SE-RA-FUKU [se’-ra’:-fuku]: Sailor-style school uniform which most schoolgirls in Japan wear. This symbolizes virginity. The most popular costume in the IMEKURA world.
Shibari: bondage.
Shinju (真珠): breast bondage.
Shiofuki: (“whale blowing water out its blowhole”) female ejaculation. This is usually accomplished by a man jamming two fingers in and out, massaging the g-spot and incidentally making this really uncomfortable squooshing noise for several minutes.
Shitaikan: ( shitai ‘dead body’ + kan ‘rape’) frankly, i’m too scared to ask if shitaikan means just ordinary, old-fashioned necrophilia or also ‘snuff.’
SHITAKI MANIA: Regular panty mania, not the weird kind.
Shokku-shu kei: (???) the infamous ‘tentacle porn.’ The manga LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND introduced this perversion twenty years ago. space aliens, or sometimes demons, use dozens of tentacles to both restrain their victim and penetrate them, usually killing them. this genre has become so popular, even women artists are doing YAOI tentacle porn now!
Shotacon (ショタコン) (from “Shotaru complex”): fetish for underage boys.
Shudo (衆道 shudō or shūdō): the Japanese tradition of age-structured homosexuality prevalent in samurai society from the medieval period until the end of the 19th century.
Shunga (春画, Shunga?): a type of ukiyo-e, usually executed in woodblock print format or, more rarely, as painted scrolls, which depict erotic situations.
SKATTO: the infamous ‘jap scat’ that all the movie stars are talking about. with Poop and everything! i’m sure there’s like a dozen sub-genres of scat play, but i don’t know them. do you blame me?
Soapland (ソープランド): a type of brothel where men can be bathed by and can bathe with female prostitutes.
Sumata (素股, literally: “real crotch”): a non-penetrative male-female “dry” sex act popular in Japanese brothels.
Sony Digital Video Handicam: every once in a while, an invention comes along that revolutionizes pornography. for example, when sex was invented. then , the internet. then, the sony digital handicam. behold!!– tiny, super-hi-res spy cameras easily affordable by the most amateur pornographer. this camera caused at least two new genres to grow explosively: tousatsu (hidden camera) and jibun eroshashin (home video porn).
sukatu no naka: (inside the skirt) see PANCHIRA please.
Sumata: (???) a form of ‘safe sex’ where the penis goes between the thighs.

Tamakeri: A fetish that involves men being kicked in the testicles.
Tei mo: (???) an S/M stunt where the sadist takes a razor and shaves the pubic hair of the masochist.
Tekoki(手コキ)(handjob): The same as ashikoki, but with hands instead of feet.
Telekura(テレクラ): an abbreviation for “telephone clubs”, telephone-based dating services that often serve as fronts for prostitution. Advertised through flyers and stickers throughout Tokyo, the clubs are used to arrange meetings, generally between young women and older men.
Tentacle rape : a concept found in some horror hentai titles, where various tentacled creatures (usually fictional monsters) rape or otherwise penetrate women (or, less commonly, men). Much of the genre also consists of humiliation and bondage fetishes, since the victim typically is restrained by the appendages.
TOKYO DAMAGE REPORT: (gratuitous hype) travel journal with daily updates and lots of pictures of the wierdest and most underground aspects of tokyo culture. Some of the pictures feature hentai material such as s/m, cosplay, and scans from strange Japanese magazines.
TOSATSU [to’-sa-tsu]: To peep something and record it with a camera. Voyeurism. One of the x-rated video genres in Japan. The popular ones take place in female public baths or female dressing rooms. Basically, these are “hidden cameras”. Varieties of this include: Pinhole cameras hidden in between tiles at a women’s university bathroom: terai tousatsu (toilet cam).Sony Handycams at the shopping mall, pointing upwards, hidden inside a shopping bag, shooting up the skirts of unsuspecting shoppers: shoutengai tousatsu – (shopping mall cam): hidden cameras in the walls of womens’ onsen: (public baths cam). michi tousatsu (street cam) (apparently the best cameramen nowadays are cameraWOMEN because men are suspect). of course this is scandalously illegal. But since the faces of the victims aren’t shown, it’s hard to prove that they weren’t paid models POSING as innocent victims.
“Trying not to pee”: a ‘yagai’ (filmed in public) DVD. Several women are in a ‘contest’ to see who can hold their urine in the longest. You can watch their increasing discomfort turn to outright shame as they start literally pissing themselves in public.
TSUBASHANPU: spit play. a sort of ‘OPPOSITES DAY’ bukkake-for-girls. . .. a gang of women (usually schoolgirls or office ladies) will hold a man down and spit in his face, for FIVE HOURS. lately the Tsubashanpu have been incorporating the iconography of bukkake: using little medical trays for the man to collect the spit as it dribbles down his face. Also popular: putting the camera under a piece of glass and having a woman spit directly into the lens.

Uke (受け): bottom; receiver; abbreviation of ukemi.
ULTRAMAN, x-rated: THIS IS FOR REAL. pretty much everything in japan has a perverted version. it’s like Bizarro World! for legal reasons she’s called THUNDER GIRL. but it’s still x-rated ultraman to me.
Unagi: (eels) – around 10 years ago a famous S&M magazine called SNIPER started doing outdoor bondage photoshoots. women would be taken out into the winter countryside, tied to trees, and be molested with snowballs. Eventually all the snow melted and turned into rivers. Small fish swam there, as did eels, and that’s when things took a turn for the even-worse. Eels in the vagina. the magazine GIANT ROBOT famously described a video in which the eels were inserted, then expelled and cooked, and then the actress ate them. more recently, at least one woman has been spreadeagled updise-down, and a speculum used to hold her vagina open so that eels can be poured in.
Urabon (裏本): an illegal book containing uncensored sex photos.
Ushiro Takate Kote: the basic or foundational kinbaku form of binding the arms and breasts, in which the arms are bound behind (ushiro) the back in a box arm position.

Wakamezake (わかめ酒), also called wakame sake and seaweed sake: A sexual act involving drinking alcohol from a woman’s body.
Wobarisuto: (‘rubberist’). a ‘rubberist’ is someone who likes to be covered in rubber or latex clothes. or immobilized by same. I think this fetish started in England, but you didn’t think the Japanese would pass up a chance to dress up in uniforms, did you?

Yagai: (‘outside’) public sex, public urination, etc. isn’t a unique Japanese trend, but just in case you wondered what it’s called, it’s ‘yagai.’
Yaoi: A sub-set of ero (erotic)/hentai, sexually explicit comics (and doujinshi) about the love between males.
YOGORETA SHITAGI: (???) dirty panty fetish. Some men like the menstrual stains, some like the pee stains. some just like the dank, sweaty crotch odors. I mean, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention the black market in used panties. Not to mention the magazines where they make the lady smell her own panties after she takes them off. She’s embarassed, so it’s porn!!
Yoshiwara: The yoshiwara (�?�原) was the area of Edo designated for prostitution in the 1700s. Records suggest that up to 1700 women were put to work at the height of its popularity, escorted once a year to view the cherry blossoms, for which you can assume they were damned grateful.

Yuri: female/female homosexual comic or anime (lit: Lily).

Zamen: (from the german word for semen) Semen. Japanese ‘zamen play’ takes many forms, which have had a huge influence on the pornography of other countries. post-oral-sex, the resulting semen is spit into the cupped palm and held out to the camera for inspection, or many men’s semen is drank out of a large medical-style beaker (is there any other kind of beaker?).
Zenra: (“totally nude”) While it might seem redundant to refer to ‘nude’ pornography. . . it’s not. Because Zenra porn has naked women doing things normally done clothed. . . playing volleyball, say, or playing in an orchestra. or, say, lesbians wearing only boxing gloves.
Zenra (全裸) literally translated as “completely nude”, a genre of pornography in which the subjects are usually groups of women participating in everyday tasks that they might otherwise perform clothed.

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